Biology research paper topics

biology-999251_960_720Author: My name is Melissa Collin and I am a specialist in computer science and biology. My main priority is to do my java homework and also write a book on how to write a good research paper on biology.

Biology is science which studies the structure and living process of  organisms and also their functioning. It might be really complicated to choose the best topic for the research paper as biology is very broad science.The best way to do it is just to choose the subdivision of biology, some exact field or particular disease that would be interesting to research and than make a conclusion about. Another good idea would be to write about some difficult topic, which is not completely clear for people, however take some part of it, present and explain it really in good and  interesting way, that guarantees you to have successful research paper.

In biology there are still a lot of questions that has not been discussed fully and that would be really great idea to find something new and something that was not yet discussed in your class. We will give you some ideas on topics and what to write about and you may just choose the best variant for you that interested you the most.

  • How transplantation basically works and is there some special precautions that people should pay attention to? What are the worse consequences for transplantation and is there some other ways other than transform organs.
  • What are the most efficient ways to treat anxiety? Should anxiety be considered as serious and untreatable disease? What are the cases when anxiety appears?
  • Do you consider obesity as a serious problem? In what countries obesity was noticed the most? Were the cases reported when people were dying from obesity?
  • Is Avian flu a serious disease and in what countries it was reported the most?  How Avian flu spreads and what is the best medicine for it? What is the most complicated case that has been reported because of Avian flu?
  • The history of Biology, where and when that science started first and who has contributed the most in the study? What development has brought the most benefit for the society?
  • What are the main characteristics that influence on person’s eye color and is there some way to define what color will child have judging from his/her parents eyes? Is your genetics the only reason you have some particular eye color?
  • Radiation and it’s worse consequences on plants and every living organism. Where radiation level is the worst in the world? What diseases can radiation cause?
  • Allergies and the environment in which it appears. What are the worst case reported of allergy manifestation? How to avoid allergy and how to define what type of allergy do you have.
  • How blood type differs from each other and how many are there blood types? Is it really possible to do transplantations with the same type of blood and how to define it? Is there some special way to define what blood type will child have judging from parent’s genetics?
  • The down syndrome and it’s peculiarities. Is there some way to define the down syndrome when the child is still in womb? What factors can influence the down syndrome?
  • Meningitis. The comparison of meningitis as a virus and as an illness, what is the difference and factors that cause it? How does it spreads and the way of treatment.
  • Memory and it’s types. What are the ways of forming memory? How to better your memory and what factors influence the shortage of memory.

When you have already chosen the topic of your research paper, your task now is to present it the best way possible and make everybody interested in what you have researched. Remember, the best way to do so is to choose the interesting topic!

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