How to Choose a Research Paper Topic

images    One of the most complicated and deciding parts in writing a research paper is actually choosing the topic of the research paper, as from it depends how well you will write it and how good and interesting you can open the topic and make it more opened for people. The ability to open and develop a good topic is really something you should be thinking about. Your professor may sometimes choose the topic for you, however when you have a task to choose it for yourself, there are some factors that you should really pay attention to in order to choose the best topic for your research paper.

The factors that influence when choosing the topic for research paper:

  • Collect your ideas
  • Choose the topic which you will understand and be able to collect the sources
  • Make a key words list
  • Make your topic as one research question
  • Broaden your mind, look for more literature and try to figure out more about that topic
  • Draw up your research paper

In order to write a good and interesting research paper, you should focus on one question and try to open it just enough to get all the information. There are following steps that you could follow in order to choose a good topic for your research paper.

Collect your ideas.

Try to choose the topic for your research paper and with the help of following questions, generate your ideas regarding the topic:

  • Do you have some thoughts regarding political or social discussion?
  • When you were watching some news or television, did something picked up your feelings or attention ?
  • Do you have some personal interest or issue that you would like to know more about?
  • Is there some certain aspects in the class that you would like to know more about?

Also when choosing the topic you need to think about overused ones, as for some common topics won’t be so easy to find some unique information and make it very interesting.

Get aquainted with background information

Before considering the topics, read few articles on each topic from encyclopedia in order to get just general overview and get broader picture of certain topics and it will give your more ideas. It will also help you to find some keywords that later on will help you in research. If there is no article on the topic you are searching for, try to minimize the question and write about some exact term or situation.

Focusing on topic

You need to focus only on the certain question, as it will be very complicated to open the topic fully if it is too broad. There is some ideas on how you may divide your topic:

  • geographically (by countries, regions, cities);
  • culturally;
  • by the time frame;
  • by the discipline;
  • by population of some groups;
  • Etc.

Make a keywords list

Keep on looking for the words that describe the discipline or the topic of your paper.

  • Search for words that describe best your topic;
  • When reading encyclopedia or articles or other sources write down the keywords;
  • Search for broader terms in your topic;
  • Make the list and note of the words and later on use it when searching for database.


Broaden your resources

With the help of found keywords, start searching in articles and some catalogs the information on the topic. Read as much as you can about the certain topic in order to get the full overview on it, get some research and readings before you choose your topic. Find as much information to cover the full topic.

After searching for additional information you may get the full overview of the topic you are interested in and on what you have gathered the full data that can cover you topic. Now, you should be ready to choose the topic that you would like to write about.